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The British Car Club of SWF held its “Welcome Back Party” on November 4th at the Bahama Breeze restaurant.  The event, attended by some 48 club members, former members, and guests, started at the bar as we waited for our section to be prepared.  The ten or fifteen minutes wait was an opportunity to not only take care of our “thirsts,” but to share stories of events over the last number of months.  From the bar, we proceeded to our tables identified by festive balloons and a staff waiting to serve us. The tables were a great mix of old friends and folks getting to know each other.

To say our members have diverse palates is an understatement! The tropical menu offered something exciting for everyone to choose from. Dinner orders appeared to be everything from Jamaican jerk chicken to pasta, to sirloin with numerous dinner options between.  The three hours that we had the restaurant for seemed to fly by as before we knew it, our time at Bahama Breeze had come to an end although members made a very slow move to the front door!

We hope that you had a fun time at our “Welcome Back” party and “thank you” for attending. We look forward to seeing you at our next event this Tuesday, November 14th.

This terrific event was organized by Mark Shlein, the BCCSWF Social Director

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